Monday, July 30, 2007

What We Feed Ourselves

This is primarily a food blog with other random thoughts and pictures thrown in. So, I am usually writing about feeding ourselves. Today, I was thinking quite a lot about the art of feeding ourselves, figuratively speaking, as opposed to what food we put in our mouths. I started my day with a jog in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, which must be one of the prettiest spots on earth. I love my walks or runs there because I take in so many beautiful sights and smells and don't take in many disturbing urban sounds (like I have in Los Angeles.) My soul is nourished through these lovely feelings entering my senses. I got in the car to drive back home, still on a "sensual" high. I chose to drive home along the ocean, thereby filling my senses with more - ocean smells, sounds, breezes, mountainsides, beaches, etc... The importance of what we feed ourselves hit me over the head so strongly, despite the fact that I have thought about this before. The contrast become sadly apparent upon emerging from Santa Monica onto the L.A. freeways filled with congestions, pollution, invasive billboards and ugly buildings. Keeping the balance in life is not easy; we must strive to fill our souls via our senses with beautiful things - sounds, smells, tastes, sights and feelings. So, buon appetito to life!

...and here's a little photo to brighten your day:

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