Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simple Joys

I don't have any children and don't live close to any family, so when I do get the opportunity to be around my extended family, I cherish the moments. This week, my nephew Nicholas is visiting. He just graduated from Northwestern University and is on his way to Santa Rosa to work with Americorp for the year. I have always loved Nicholas, not just because he is family, but because is a very special, sensitive, kind, intelligent person, and has been since he was a little child. I always felt a close bond with him and this time together this week has been beautiful - especially in this moment in time as he is starting an independent life. I count myself fortunate to be a witness to his changes and a part of his life. Intimacy with family and friends is one of the simple joys in life - and one of the most important!

On a purely selfish note, Nicholas loves food, wine, cooking and experiencing different flavors. Having him around to cook with and for has been such fun. I also had an excuse to go sailing, and we couldn't have picked a better day - it was very hot at home, and on the water it was the perfect sailing conditions - great wind.

Sailing with Nicholas day before yesterday:

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