Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Broccoli Spigarello Bruschetta

This is a follow up to my post on finding a new green at the farmers' market called Broccoli Spigarello. In short, if you ever seen this green, BUY IT! It was, hands-down, the most tasty and satisfying green I have ever eaten. As I mentioned, it looks like the leaves from a normal Broccoli bunch, but in doing some research I found it is a variety of broccoli that produces many leaves and only tiny amounts of small florets. The bunch I bought had no florets. Everyone seems to recommend using these greens as you would others like in soups or pastas. I must say, the way I prepared them was very yummy, and they are so delicious that they don't need much at all. These greens taste sweet and do not have the bitter flavor that most other greens do. They have a crunch and texture that makes them hearty and satisfying.

Broccoli Spigarello Bruschetta

Remove the stems (they are woody.) Chop the leaves in a chiffonade and rinse well . In a skillet heat some olive oil and slowly carmelize a clove of garlic that has been quartered along with a light sprinkling of pepperoncini (red pepper flakes.) Once the garlic is carmelized, you can throw it away, or leave it depending on how much you like garlic. With these particular greens, I recommended throwing it away; they only need a light touch of garlic. Then add the greens to the skillet with a small amount (1/4 cup) of water and cover with the flame on medium-high. These greens take a while to wilt as they are crunchy. In the meantime, fry some pancetta or good bacon and drain on paper towels. Toast some sliced, good bread, like ciabatta. Once the water has almost evaporated in the skillet, remove the lid and let the rest completely evaporate. Turn off heat as soon as pan becomes dry. Place the greens on the bread. Drizzle with olive oil and top with a slice of pancetta.


african vanielje said...

I so want to do one of your tours. That sounds delicious. I'm going to have to try and locate some of this. thansk

The Passionate Palate said...

A.V. - Believe it or not, I was waiting to publish this post on Broccoli Spigarello until I could find it again so that I could photograph it. Almost two months later and I haven't been able to buy any. The one vendor that I know about in Southern California (at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market) sells out of this tasty green very early. So, alas, it goes up without pictures. But, yes, try and locate some. I also use any other greens in the same recipe and it is delicious. Oh, and do please come on one of my tours. Having someone along who is so passionate about food such as yourself would be a delight!!!