Thursday, December 13, 2007

Apples and Thyme - Round Up #2

The holidays are upon us and as expected, they flood us with memories - memories of growing up, traditions, food and family. We started Apples & Thyme for exactly those reasons, so that we could have a forum for sharing those types of memories and thereby record and remember our cherished traditions.

These December entries are full of wonderful and warm sentiments honoring each person's heritage. Apart from the touching stories and histories in these entries, there, of course, are some great recipes. Grab a cup of glogg, tea, coffee, wine or your choice of beverage and settle in for some good reading!

Ann at Redacted Recipes writes about her Mom's Constant Kitchen and the joy of learning confidence in the kitchen at a young age thanks to her mother's guidance. She leaves us with an easy, but delicious looking, recipe for pork loin and potatoes - a perfect quick meal for this busy season.

Paul, our down-under friend at Eat Me, brings us memories of time in the kitchen with his Argentinian grandmother and the cooking secrets she passed on to him. Check out the delicious looking Tallarines con Tuco de Carne.

Laurie from Tastes Like Home in Alaska shares with us the Greek tradition of Hilopites and Trahanas, types of special pasta only made at certain times of the year. Her stories are always full of incredible detail and tradition.

Tamara our Rocky Mountain writer recently lost her mother, but is having no problem calling up many happy memories of her mother's holiday cooking - especially the cookies. She shares with us her mom's special Lebkuchen cookie recipe.

Chris from Mele Cotte, who is on a cookie-baking roll at the moment, stops to share her favorite holiday cookie recipe with us - Tarralflucci. Don't try to pronounce it, but do try to bake them...they look delicious!

Marla, all the way up in the Alps of Piedmont Italy at Bella Baita View, shares with us her mother-in-law Elge's recipe for a dessert named after the nearby mountain - Monte Bianco. If this isn't decadence, I don't know what is.

Mrs. W of Mrs. W's Kitchen, like Tamara above and myself, are trying to focus on the memories from our mothers' healthy years (before illness) and celebrate those cherished times. She shares with us her Christmas childhood memories and the time-honored recipe of Ambrosia Salad.

...and there was one - me! My post on my mother's Biscotti - or Biscotti a la Mamma - was the first one I could write about my mother's love of cooking since her passing. I love these cookies and hope you do, too!

Vanielje Kitchen and I look forward to seeing your entries for our our January Apples & Thyme event. Click here for entry dates and rules.

Happy Holidays one and all!


Laurie Constantino said...

Great round-up of my favorite event -- thanks so much!

african vanielje said...

Thanks for doing the roundup Jeni. It is a difficult time of year to remember lost loved ones, but somehow cathartic as well, so it is equally moving to read these posts, as it is to read the ones full of Christmas memories and cheer. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories once again. And merry CHristmas everyone

Robin said...


I will have to start gearing up now!!! I am definitely in on this one!!! Can you do a Holiday recipe even if it is the January edition..or is that breakin the rules??
My Melange

The Passionate Palate said...

Laurie - a big thank you for the comment and your wonderful post!

AV - I couldn't agree with you more! And you are most welcome.

Robin - you can post whatever you want, whenever you want, because this is the blogosphere and it is a free country! We look forward to reading it.

Chris said...

Great round up Jeni! I can't wait to read everyone's posting....thanks!

The Passionate Palate said...

Chris - Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

a nicely presented round up again Jeni. I enjoy this event ogf the two of you and so diappointed that I've missed this one...I'vee been late for everything this month! Great job

The Passionate Palate said...

Ronell - well, thank you! There is always next month to participate.