Friday, December 28, 2007

Glimpses of Christmas

A few glimpses of my family's Christmas. We gathered together, joyfully, and helped my father cope with his first Christmas in 54 years without his wife, my mom. The last five years she was barely able to participate in Christmas activities, but sat with us as a quiet observer. It didn't feel that much different this year, her presence was there, now in peace, watching us happily.

Our family Christmas traditions have almost always been Swedish, but this year, as in many, I threw in a few Italian traditions like Italian cheeses after dinner followed by fresh and roasted nuts and Vin Santo. Franciacorta to enjoy with antipasti, Brunello with dinner and of course, Italian cookies - biscotti and crumiri.

Poppa (my dad) and granddaughter, Kate

My mom's star on the tree watching over us (made by my sister Nancy)

Mother & Child


Aunt/Zia Jeni with niece
L'abbuffata/The Feast

I hope your holidays have been joyful.


African Kelli said...

holy moly -- what a gorgeous family! You and your sister look like you guys could be models for a happy Christmas.
I am sorry your mom missed this celebration, but something tells me she was there at every turn.

Mrs. W said...

What beautiful photos. Happy Holidays to you.

katerinafiore said...

what a beautiful are a gorgeous woman. I am glad you added your own traditions in there. I hope to do that someday with my family. ciao bella!

My Melange said...

So glad you had a great Holiday, thanks for sharing! I ams ure your Mom was proud...and I love love love that Vin Santo! Hope you had one for me ;)

Anonymous said...

Your niece is gorgeous! Wonderful photos of warmth and smiling faces.
I wish you and yours the best for 2008 :)

Pasticcera said...

Lovely photos conjuring up lovely feelings thanks for sharing them.

The Passionate Palate said...

Kelli - THANK YOU! I think I have a great family, and a happy one. Yes, mom was there.

Mrs. W - Thanks and happy hoidays to you too.

Katerina - Grazie bella!

My Melange - I'm with you on the Vin Santo and yes, my mom would have been proud, and sharing the vin santo with me!

Maryann - the best to you in 08 as well...and I think my niece is gorgeous too! ;-)

Pasticcera - it really was lovely. I hope yours was too.

erin said...

beautiful family - and beautiful table as well! Hope you have a great New Years!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! The loVe and warmth shines through in your words and photos! Thank you for the heartwarming experience.

katiez said...

Beautiful family - lovely Christmas memories!
A Swedish-Italian holiday? Why not!

The Passionate Palate said...

Erin - molto grazie!

MW - It was a time full of warmth and love.

Katie - yes, indeed, why not? :-)

Rebecca Lemke said...

Jeni, this is a wonderful post depicting your sweet family feelings. Very nice. Love, Rebec

Jeena said...

Lovely pictures you all look very happy. :-)

jannis said...

Jeni, you are so beautiful, and you are so pretty on the outside as well! (smiley face here) awesome photos, they make me wish I was there! 2008 will be a better year I hope, Jannis

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Happy New Year, Jeni! I am sure the holidays were hard without your mom, but you all look so happy. I am sure she was there watching over you and your family!
What a beautiful family you have.

Swedish/Italian Christmas? Sounds WONDERFUL!

african vanielje said...

Jeni, your family Christmas looks beautiful, emotional, joyous, peaceful and life affirming. Your niece is gorgeous and African Kelli is right, you and your sister look like supermodels. Hope the year ahead is filled with love and laughter. You are due some my friend. Happy 2008. xxx Inge

The Passionate Palate said...

Rebec - thanks dear one!

Jeena - we were very happy, indeed.

Jannis - I am very flattered!

Jenn - the Swedish/Italian thing works very well. :-) Yes, mom was watching over us.

Inge - What a beautiful comment. Thank you. Supermodels? I don't think so, but happy!

M&Ms... said...

lovely family pictures and so beautiful!! Am sure your Mom was smiling to see the warmth that seems to come across even in the photos!
Happy new year!

Susan said...

Jeni, I'm so glad your family could be gathered up together for Christmas. Kate is quite the cutie. Poor child, looks so wistful hugging her grandpa. It's wonderful you were there for each other. I wish you all a serene and successful new year.

Anonymous said...

I am agreeing with everyboyd...your family is beautiful! May your 2008 be wonderful

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

What wonderful holiday pictures.
I love those! Your niece is darling, and my favorite pic is the one of you and your sister.
My sister is my best friend. Glad you have one too.

Scarlett & V.