Friday, November 16, 2007

Apples & Thyme ~ a celebration of mothers and grandmothers and time spent with with them in the kitchen

Our first Apples & Thyme event was a heart-warming success. Thank you all for your wonderful entries. We are thrilled to be hosting this event monthly. So, to remind you, Apples & Thyme is a celebration of time spent in the kitchen with our mothers and grandmothers (or anyone else you wish to blog about) and what they did or did not pass on to us that influenced how we cook and eat today. We would love you to enter and share with us a person and a dish that celebrates your relationship with them. The closing date is 20th of every month, with the roundup being posted on sometime before the end of that month. My co-host in this event is the fantastic Vanielje Kitchen .

Event rules are as follows:
1. Post on your blog before 20th of the month about your mother or grandmother (or any other person special to you) and time spent with them in the kitchen that influenced how you cook and eat.
2. Include a dish which reflects the relationship.
3. Take a picture of the dish and/or person.
4. Include the words Apples & Thyme in your blog title.
5. Add a link to the Apples & Thyme's hosts blogs - Vanielje Kitchen and The Passionate Palate.
6. Please send an email to or, but not both, with the following details: Your name, URL of blog, URL of your Apples & Thyme post and a 100 x 100 pixel picture for your entry in the round-up.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sucess of your event, Jeni. Beautiful job, beautiful event.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Glad it was a success, now since it is monthly...maybe I can come up with something. I smell some Christmas cookies making an appearance soon!!!

Paul said...

Hey Jeni, Congratulations on your first "Apples and Thyme". I haven't been around lately and unfortunatly I had to miss this month. I am looking forward to future events, hopefully I will be able to enter a post for next month. X

The Passionate Palate said...

Maryann - thank you for the beautiful compliments.

My Melange - I can't wait to read your entry.

Paul - A male voice would be most welcome! I know you are really in touch with your family traditions and we would love to read more about them.

M'nMs said...

I really do like the idea and congrats on teh success. I menat to post but never got around to making something that would fit the glad to know I can still do it :) !

Chloe said...

This is such a sweet idea! Congratulations on your success. I’m looking forward to reading more tributes to amazing women.

The Passionate Palate said...

M&Ms - we'll look for your post next time!

Chloe - I'm glad you appreciate it like I do.