Monday, November 12, 2007

Apples and Thyme - Round Up #1

The first Apples and Thyme round-up is here and at Vanielje Kitchen here.
Inge of African Vanielje and I have been writing back and forth to each other these last few weeks about how this event really touched and moved people. Remembering our mothers and grandmothers (and others) and the time spent in the kitchen with them calls to each of us, across cultures, genders, races, and ages. One can see from all of these entries that we all have strong memories associated with food and kitchens and our experiences with them.

There were many common threads and similar stories. I think my favorite repeated theme is that of amazingly strong women. I don't know that our predecessors had more difficult lives than we do, ours are just difficult in different ways. However when it came to having enough food, growing food, and making it, our predecessors did have a much more challenging time. They did not have the modern conveniences nor the easy access to commodities that we do today. These women managed to not only feed empty stomachs and usually with really tasty food, but survive wars, raise children, often without a man's help and work all while creating wonderful memories that we all carry within us. I read a quote from Maria Shriver yesterday that something like "A woman's real power is taking what we know and passing it on." Isn't this what our mothers and grandmothers (and others) did for us? And isn't that what we are now doing?
Please read these stories for they are all heart-warming and inspirational.

Elle at Confessions of a Novice tells of us of her Italian mother who cooked all kinds of food - not just Italian - in order to please her fussy family. It seems like one of everybody's favorites was these Pumpkin Donuts.

Valerie of 2 Baci in a Pinon Tree in Italy gives us a beautifully written account of her grandmother's cooking traditions and generous spirit, as well as a recipe for her Grandma Betty's Granola Fudgies.

Dolores at Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity shows us that we can have many cooking influences in our lives, not the least of which was her father. The recipe she shares is from her Italian side of her family, but its origins and even its name are a mystery -Touvlach or Toothlach. Can anyone help her figure it out?

Gay from A Scientist in the Kitchen brings us her Filipino childhood recollections of a scrumptious looking Pork & Beans from her talented aunt who spent a lot of valuable time with her in the kitchen and in the market.

Julie at One Wall Kitchen takes us on an intimate journey inside her family's lumpia traditions, and making a party out of it with some friends.

Tina at Sweet Designs shares the story of her great-grandmother who was a big influence on her love of baking. Her snickerdoodle cookie recipe is full of good memories.

Rokh of Tham Jiak shares many details of the life and traditions in Malaysia and her grandmother's cooking talents. Her favorite dish - ho lan shu chu yok (stir fry potato and pork in dark soy sauce) - sounds delicious!

Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook brings us tales of her Italian cousin's grandmother who taught her many Italian specialties, including these perfect-looking gnocchi.

Sarah at What Smells So Good was one of the few entries to offer up memories of time spent in the kitchen with a male - her Dad. He sounds like a great father, and one who makes fool-proof pancakes.

Lynnylu at Cafe Lynnylu recalls how her mother taught them how to live the "slow life" while living off their farm. My heart goes out to her as her mom has Alzheimer's just like my mother did. Like me, Lynn is full of happy memories of her mom and her recipes, like the one for 24 Hour Salad (a dessert!)

From the South of France, Riana of Garlic Breath, brings us a classic Tarte Tatin recipe which came from her adopted grandmother who also taught her valuable skills in living off the land.

Cakelaw at Laws of the Kitchen brings us her mum's super comforting Rice Pudding along with recollections of growing up on a farm.

Jenn, the Leftover Queen, pays a lovely tribute to her mom and her cooking talents. This is another entry which included a birthday treat for a mother, this one for Chocolate Volcano Cake that looks "explosively" divine!

Chris from Mele Cotte brings us two of her favorite comfort foods from her mom's repertoire, along with a poem, photos and a wonderful description of a beautiful mother-daughter relationship.

Angel of Angel's Bento Blog openly shares the trials and challenges her mother had in raising her children in very tough circumstances, but somehow still cooking memorable dishes such as Pumpkin Pie.

Merav at A Tasteful Journey writes a glowing tribute to her grandmother and gives us her recipe for her grandmother's K'Zitzot, a meatball made with chicken and turkey that looks very yummy.

Marla of Bella Baita View in Italy goes back to her Illinois Irish roots and recounts the memories of her mother's home-cooking, and her much-sought-after Sour Cream Apple Pie.

Simona at Briciole offers up beautiful memories of her childhood in Italy and the time spent in the kitchen with her aunt who always made Simona's favorite afternoon snack of crema pasticcera for her.

Anne, our Foodie Froggy in Paris, presents a story and recipe for Tea-Biscuit Chocolate Cake that has been passed down in her family for three generations, but yet no one knows its origins.

Don't forget to head over to Vanielje Kitchen to see the rest of the round up.
Thank you all for participating!


Carrie said...

this is SO wonderful!!! Thank you so much for this great roundup!! I can't wait to read all those amazing posts!!

sognatrice said...

Can't wait to read all of these; thanks so much for all your hard work!

african vanielje said...

Jeni Bella, (or bella Jeni), a great roundup. I feel like your mom is smiling and I hoep athers that have lost their mom's, recently or a while ago, can feel them smiling too. I think Maria Shriver is right - passing on knowledge is our greatest power, and power shared is so much stronger than power hoarded

The Passionate Palate said...

Carrie - you are most welcome! I hope you enjoy them all.

Sognatrice -'s been fun.

AV- or Bella Inge - I think they are smiling, too!

Riana Lagarde said...

This is a beautiful round up and great show of wonderful bloggers with heart and soul. I cant wait to try all the recipes and delve into each others lives and heritage. Thanks!

Laurie Constantino said...

I read all the posts in Inge's round up last night, and just finished the last of yours this am. I have a Tarte Tatin in the oven from Garlic Breath's post and as soon as I can find the post with recipe, will start in on some coffee honey caramels (oh why didn't I bookmark it???). Anyway, thank you so much for the idea for this event, and for an interesting and complete roundup!

The Passionate Palate said...

Riana - they really are beautiful tributes to great lives.

Laurie - Wow! You have been busy. I'll be right over for a piece of that tarte tatin!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I'm on my way over!!!


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Gay said...

Thanks for this idea of Apples and Thyme. I could relate well with the experiences of all entries here.

Susan said...

Jenni, thanks for this wonderful round-up. Not only was it a great way for me to tribute my "Grandma" Nettie, but I get to peak into the precious memories in the lives of others.

Cakelaw said...

Thanks so much Jeni for co-creating this event. So many great stories and recipes have been posted.

My Melange said...

What a great success your event was Jeni!!! I am both embarrassed and lame that I could not come up with anything! I will be tuning in to see all the great recipes from your readers!!! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event!

Pasticciera said...

Wonderful memories and recipes. Thank you for making such an effort with creating ans rounding this event up with AV Inge and sharing it with everyone. Mille Grazie

The Passionate Palate said...

Scarlett - come on over!

Gay - you are welcome...I could really relate, too!

Susan - glad you liked it. It is very powerful sharing these memories, isn't it?

Cakelaw - I agree!

My Melange - we'll look for your entry for our December event.

Julie said...

This blog event was so inspiring and touching. I was proud to participate, and it was an honor to share in everyone's stories and recipes. Thank you again for hosting! I'm looking forward to what the future events bring!

The Passionate Palate said...

Julie - I feel proud too as it is such a worthwhile event! Thank you again.

ritu said...

this is so so so fantastic..
seems I misse da lot in last months
well done ladies

The Passionate Palate said...

Ritu - we missed you! I hope you can participate in the next one and hope all is well with you!

myfrenchkitchen said...

Jeni, you and Inge have done a marvelous job with this event! all the entries are so exciting and interesting to read and dear and the recipes are great. I'mk looking forward to December's!

The Passionate Palate said...

Ronell - Thank you. Yes, these entries are dear and I can't wait to see the next round too!