Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Great Italy Travel Idea - Homefood

Have you ever found yourself walking one of the thousands of picturesque streets in Italy and you come upon a woman laden with shopping bags picking up some vegetables or meat from a local vendor and wished you could follow her home to find out what she was preparing? Have you ever walked by an open window of a home catching a scent of something incredible cooking and wished there was some way you could be invited for dinner? Have you ever dreamed of experiencing a real, Italian home cooked meal? (If you haven't by the way, then you should!) Well, now there is a way to experience authentic, home-cooked meals in people's homes in Italy. Mind you, these aren't just any people - these are hand selected cooks who specialize in preparing dishes that are typical to their area. For a very reasonable price, you and your family or group of friends can enjoy a multi-course meal, with regional wines included, in a unique home.

Here is what they say on the Homefood website:

"The Association for the Guardianship and Exploitation of the Traditional Culinary-Gastronomic Heritage of Italy with the Home Food project sponsored by the Ministry of Agricultural Politics, from various regions of Italy and in collaboration with the University of Bologna, emphasises and spreads the culture of traditional food interwoven with the culture of the typical products and the area. In this spirit it is possible to become a guest of Italian families and to taste foods cooked by the lady of the house, the repository of the old culinary ways and methods."

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