Sunday, February 24, 2008

Apples and Thyme - Round Up #4

The February Apples & Thyme round-up is here! The memories of mothers, grandmothers and others and our time spent in the kitchen with them are endless. I love how others' memories spark my own and inspire me to write them down. Thank you all for your heartfelt entries.

Before I launch into the round-up, my lovely partner in this event, Inge at Vanielje Kitchen, and I have decided to have a guest host next month. Chris over at Mele Cotte has happily agreed to be March's host. So, please watch for her announcement and send all entries to her by March 20. Her email is melecotte AT gmail DOT com.

On the 14th anniversary of her mother's death, Ivy at Greek Hospitality, shares memories of her strong, generous and hard-working mother with us. Ivy created this very unique dish of Halloumi and dried fruit and honey using her mom's favorite cheese.

Jeanne at Cooksister made me wish she lived next door so that I could walk over with my coffee in hand to share in these delicious looking "no recipe" biscuits. I cried as I read her words about longing for her mom's arms around her or the sound of her voice. I know that pain well.

Maria Gay at A Scientist in the Kitchen gives us a birthday tribute to her dad - a fabulous and inspirational cook. I love to read stories of men who have influenced us in the kitchen. Check out the spread of dishes they created in his honor!

My Apples & Thyme event partner, the incredibly talented Inge, presents The Delectable, Unforgettable Valerie Crunchie Recipe along with her memories of childhood friends in South Africa. Who couldn't love these treats?

Next month's Apples & Thyme host, Chris, over at Mele Cotte created her first successful and very decadent looking lasagne in honor of her mother - very cleverly representing layers of their relationship!

Speaking of layers of relationship, I allude to that in my post "Cooking With Mom". According to the comments I got back already, I think that all mothers and daughters have a sometimes intense and definitely layered relationships. Oh, yes, my recipe is one that my mom and I passed back and forth - a very simple and delicious Penne with Prosciutto and Radicchio.
Thank you all for sharing your beautiful memories and tempting recipes with us. I look forward to seeing what memories inspire us next month!


Chris said...

Great round up! I am off to write the announcement....:)

katiez said...

After just spending 2 weeks visiting my mother.... oh my, yes...the layers!
Lovely posts - and I like your pasta and photo!

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

What a wonderful round-up. I wish I'd been allowed to cook with my mother or grandmother - or my grandfather. There were cooks scattered all over my heritage, yet I learned to cook "by ear" :-)

african vanielje said...

Jeni, sorry for my tardiness, and thankyou for your work on the roundup. Thank you in advance to Chris too. I'm really pleased that we will be having a guest host. Once again I love all the stories so filled with love and feeling...and oh yes...(as Katiez says) the layers!!!

African Kelli said...

Such a lovely series you have going here. My mom gave me a set of our family recipes for Christmas and I am thrilled to have them! Cooking with my mom has always been one of my favorites.
Hope you are having a great week,

The Passionate Palate said...

Chris - Oh yeah!

Katie - seems that everyone can relate to the "layers" idea! Thank you.

Vanilla - Oh, do share...what do you mean by "cooking by ear"?

AV - once again, the "layers" theme is catching on!

Kelli - oh please, please share with us your recipes and stories!

Jeanne said...

Great roundup - thanks Jeni! It amazes me the intensity of feeling that runs through all the stories like a golden thread, and the wonderful recipes that these stories reveal. Thanks to all the participants too for sharing!

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Ivy said...

Nice round up. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share such precious moments with all of you.

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