Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do You Need Another Reason to go to Italy this Year?

Just a reminder, only one month left to get the "early bird discount" for our Chianti to the Coast trip in September.  See website for more details.

In case you need another reason to get yourself to Italy this year, my friend Erin is leading a beautiful retreat
in Italy in July.  It is called Eat, Pray, Move.  Don't you love the name?  It involves all of my favorite things to do, and if I could be there in July, too, I would sign up.  Besides Erin's inspiring yoga classes, you can visit historical Tuscan towns, visit a spa and eat incredible dishes both at the villa and at some typical restaurants.  The accommodations are at a beautifully restored countryside villa on the Tuscan-Umbrian border owned by a lovely couple from England whom I met in the blogosphere several years ago.  And Erin herself really knows this area of Italy, having studied and lived here for over a year.  Her understanding of Italian culture, language and her connections with the locals will make this trip a learning and fun experience for all.  Check out the trip details here.

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Thanks so much Jeni :) xox