Friday, May 23, 2008

Bella Italia!

I'm here in my "other home", Italy.  Needless to say, if you could see me, you would see a big smile on my face and a lightness about me.  I am always thrilled to be here, but this time it seems like an extra special vacation to me because of the heaviness of this last year.  

I wanted to get a proper post up about all that I will be doing these next few weeks here, but alas, packing too much at the last minute got in the way.   When I return, I will post lots of stories and pictures.

At the moment, I am in lovely Cortona at my friend Patrizia's house, at the moment, hiding from the rain.  Briefly, I am having fun visiting friends in Umbria and Tuscany and will end up in Florence on Monday where I will be meeting up with the participants of my Tuscan wine and food tour.  The twelve of us will be spending six days touring top wineries in Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano.  We'll also take in the sights of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra.  We're going to get to know Tuscany through its food and wine traditions.

After my tour, I will take five days to explore areas of western Tuscany and the Maremma that I have not yet seen.  

I'll share all the details with you when I return!


erin said...

Glad you're having such a good time! I'm excited to see you in Florence! -a presto

Rebecca said...

I can hear your pleasure of being in Tuscany....that's terrific. Have a wonderful trip. I'm off to the Bay Area this weekend to visit family, friends and of course, a few wineries in Sonoma County. Ciao bella.

katerinafiore said...

hey Jen! I hope you have a great time. Wish I was Florence to see and meet you!! :) kisses

Bella Baita View said...

Traveling does have a way of lightening things up like a breath of fresh air. You're in my old stomping grounds over by Casole d'Elsa, where the English art school that I use to work for is and where I met Fabrizio. I'm going to drop you a line for a few suggestions of places to go if you have time, because you are definitley in the area.

giz said...

I'm so jealous - take lots of pictures and share.

My Mélange said...

Have a I wonderful trip!! Can't wait to hear all the stories when you return!!

Ilva said...

Jen, it was so great to meet you today! Let's make it a habit!

Mónica said...

You are so lucky!. What i wouldn´t give to be in Italy. I wich you a lovely stay, and have a great time. Ciao

Chloe said...

Sounds heavenly. Please report back, and spare no details!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I am so excited for you that you are there, and I am there with you in spirit, until I can get there myself in person.

Have a fantastic time, refresh your soul, and then tell us all about it when you come home.

Safe travels,

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

The Passionate Palate said...

Erin - it was lovely meeting you and I hope that your transition and move are going smoothly.

Rebec - Hope you had a great time in Sonoma!

Katerina - next time bella!

BBV - Oh, I wasn't checking email and did not get your suggestions until I returned home. Darn! I'll email you soon.

Giz & My Melange - I promise to share stories and pics very soon.

Ilva - I like the idea of making it a habit!

Monica and Chloe - thank you and I had a terrific time.

Scarlett - my soul really did get refreshed. I will share all soon.